From live pics to professional photo shoots, from daily snapshots of Floor’s life to studio shots!

Proudly wearing Kalevala necklace and bracelet for meet and greet in Russia
With Marco Hietala before soundcheck in special open air theater, Singapore 2016
Nightwish live picture by Kim Bågman
Rock in Rio (15-09-15)
Live shot with Nightwish Photo by Tim Tronckoe
Photoshoot with Nightwish for Metal Hammer (John McMurtrie, Dec 2015)
In front of oldest Finnish sauna with Tuomas (John McMurtrie)
Proud of my sister Irene and blown away by her performance in The Theater Equation
Selfie with myself in front of massive Kalevala banner :-)
Photoshoot for Kalevala Jewelry
Floor Rock Dolls created by Cats'n'Dolls Creations wearing exclusive designs by Ingeborg Steenhorst! Photo by Tim Tronckoe
On stage with Kamelot for "The Haunting" during ReVamp tour 2013
Choir recording session ReVamp's second album with Marcela (Stream of Passion) and Daniël (Textures)
Re-Amp the ReVamp guitars!
Promo photo (Wasteland Caress)
The album cover of ReVamp's second album 'Wild Card'
ReVamp promo pic by Richard Stark from NI Concept and Design
Promo pic for ReVamp by Richard Stark from NI Concept and Design
Art looking band pic for ReVamp by Richard Stark from NI Concept and Design
Thank you (Brixton) 02Academy London with Nightwish
Pic made by Timo Isoaho for Soundi magazine at movie premiere in Helsinki with Nightwish!
Nightwish today!
Live shot at Nightwish USA tour 2012
Live shot with Nightwish in USA 2012
Behind the scenes on tour with Nightwish (USA 2012)
Live on stage with Nightwish (USA 2012)
Live with MaYaN at Progpower USA 2012
Small world
My dog Saartje loves to be online :-)
Getting ready to go on stage with Mayan at Graspop Metal Meeting 2012
Ready to rock!
Me and my microphone
Russell Allen, Liselotte Hegt and me at Graspop
Older live picture from the After Forever days
Live shot with MaYaN at Graspop 2012
Live pic of Tim Tronkoe at Graspop 2012 with MaYaN
ReVamp at Joost van de Broeks place discussing the new album