Victims Of The Modern Age, Star One

04 Mar

Victims of the Modern Age is the second Arjen Lucassen Star One album released in 2010, the follow-up to their debut album, Space Metal. For this album, Arjen reunited the stellar cast of lead vocalists from Space Metal: Russell Allen (Symphony X), Damian Wilson (Headspace, Threshold), Floor Jansen, and Dan Swanö (Nightingale, Second Sky, ex-Edge Of Sanity). Ranging from soaring power vocals to hauntingly melodic passages to brutal growls, the contrasting vocal styles of these magnificent vocalists provide each song with a stunning variety of vocal textures.

Arjen describes the album concept “I based the songs on dystopian and post-apocalyptic sci-fi movies that have made an impression on me throughout my life. Unlike the first Star One album Space Metal, where all the songs were set in space, this time most of the songs take place right here on Earth. No, I’m not going to tell you which movies inspired the tracks — that would spoil all the fun! And I do hope that the dark subject matter won’t keep people from enjoying this journey through time to some of the more grim possible outcomes for humanity’s future.”

Compared to Space Metal, the overall sound of Victims Of The Modern Age is darker, heavier, more guitar-oriented, and slightly less “spacey.” Arjen has also raised the bar significantly when it comes to the album’s sound: “I think it’s my best sounding album to date; it’s a huge difference compared to the first Star One. For the guitars I spent weeks experimenting with different amps and settings in every combination imaginable — and it was worth it. The drums sound fantastic, and the vocalists all outdid themselves, putting in even stronger performances than they did the first time around.”

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And a quick look at the Victims of the Modern Age Mediabook.