Vehicle of Spirit, Nightwish

16 Dec

After touring for a year and a half throughout every corner of the world and leaving fans of all nationalities breathless, Nightwish immortalized their Endless Forms Most Beautiful tour in their live milestone, Vehicle Of Spirit. The DVD features their shows in Tampere Stadium (July 31, 2015) and Wembley Arena (December 19, 2015), with various songs recorded around the world. It was released December 16, 2016.

According to keyboardist and songwriter, Tuomas Holopaininen, “The title Vehicle Of Spirit came from a friend of Troy’s, who after seeing our show a few years ago defined Nightwish as ‘A vehicle of spirit that defies category’. That beautiful description has followed us ever since, and felt like a perfect match to the DVD title”.

The show in London was special for Nightwish, not only because they played to more than 12,000 fans, but they also welcomed world famous scientist, Richard Dawkins on stage with them, after his works had a massive impact on the thematical orientation of their latest studio album Endless Forms Most Beautiful. Finland’s Tampere, however was a home crowd specialty for 4/6 of the band, featuring the most immense stage production they’ve ever had.

When it comes to the fine artwork, Nightwish came up with a little alternative idea, as Tuomas explains: “We didn`t want to include a traditional band shot for the cover, so we brainstormed different options and the idea of a classic silent movie era - Hollywood visuals quickly came up. With those classic slogans the cover has a little tongue-in-cheek-touch to it, but it’s still classy and eye catching in its simplicity and originality.”

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