The Storm Within, Evergrey

09 Sep

The Storm Within is the 10th album by Swedish metallers Evergrey to be released celebration of their 20th anniversary on September 9.

Evergrey's lyrics have always matched the depth and intensity of their music, and the concept behind The Storm Within is no exception. Frontman/founder, Tom Englund considers the storyline behind the lyrics to be one of the biggest concepts Evergrey has ever tackled, based on something that everyone can relate to; having someone, losing them, and having to pick yourself up and move on. He goes so far as to call it the band's first "love" album, but it's not a subject that should be taken lightly in the Evergrey universe.

On the addition of Nightwish vocalist Floor Jansen on "In Orbit" Englund says, "That was actually my wife Carina thinking for me. Floor is a personal friend and major Evergrey fan, so it was over a glass of wine between her and my wife, who asked her if she wanted to do the song."

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