Remagine, After Forever

08 Sep

Remagine is the fourth studio album released by After Forever September 2005. The album title is a combination of the words “reflections” and “imagine”. According to interview with Floor, “These are two themes of the album. It was hard for me to find one word to represent the lyrics because they have several subjects. One part being reflections on situations in the world and my feelings about them, and the other imagine or imagination part, related to dreams. I’m quite the dreamer, I have heavy dreams. They fascinate me because in them you can be and do anything, then upon waking up you are not sure if it was real or not. The name Remagine fits the music and the atmosphere of the album, relflection and imagination.”

Remagine is heavy, melodic and typically After Forever. It is available in two versions, an SACD with three bonus songs and as a ‘Special Edition’ with a DVD containing a photo gallery and a 'making of' documentary. Order your copy here.