Prison of Desire, After Forever

12 May

Prison of Desire is the debut album by Dutch symphonic metal band After Forever, released in 2000. The album contains the first four installments of "The Embrace That Smothers", a collection of songs by guitarist and co-founder Mark Jansen dealing with the influence and distortion of religion in human society. The final track, "Beyond Me", features a guest appearance of Sharon den Adel, lead singer in Within Temptation.

Speaking about her early years Floor says, "I started singing in school when I was 14. I joined the school musical and then the school band. My first studio experience was at 15, when we recorded a demo CD. Unfortunately I then had to move, but sang in several bands before I met After Forever at 16 in 1997. I met a friend of the band at a party and he told me they were looking for a singer. I came to a rehearsal and that was it!"

Listen to Floor’s stunning soprano vocals perfectly complement the band's symphonic metal sound. Available for purchase in Nuclear Blast Shop.