Metal Allegiance Volume II

07 Sep

It began as a celebration of heavy metal, powered by the almost tribal bond shared between the extreme music community’s most revered trailblazers, armed with a list of contributors onstage (and off) that read like a Wikipedia entry on the genre itself. Now, with their second album, Metal Allegiance achieves the seemingly impossible once again. Beyond any doubt, the all-star “project” has cemented its position as a true band. 

An adrenaline-soaked, thrash-worshipping, groove-driven, diverse, yet more sharply focused effort than its no-less-impressive predecessor, the mere existence and urgent brilliance of Volume II: Power Drunk Majesty silences any doubt as to the band’s earnest intention, purposeful resolve, and resilient dedication to all things heavy metal. 

Floor says "Metal Allegiance asked me to join them on a song and I did! I joined in on the second half of the song Power Drunk Majesty, I wrote the vocal melody and wrote the lyric fitting to the theme of the album and this song. The first half is sang by Mark Osegueda (Death Angel) and there is an amazing solo by Joe Satriani. The album is a true alliance of talents and I am honored to be amongst them!"