Invisible Circles, After Forever

17 Jun

Invisible Circles is the third studio album by After Forever released in 2004. It is a metal opera about the dynamics of quarrelsome families and psychological child abuse, with a storyline that follows the lives of an abused child and her parents, since her conception to adulthood. 

The album concept was shaped by Floor, taking inspiration from Sander Gommans' job as an art teacher in daily contact with children suffering from social and family problems. With a desire to make people aware of these problems, their stories were incorporated into songs. Sander described the title Invisible Circles as “the paths of life someone can follow. Life consists of several circles and many times you will come back to the beginning although you have tried to get out of that particular circle.”

After Forever took a new musical direction in this album, incorporating elements of progressive metal instead of the symphonic style found in previous albums. The creative process took more than a year and required the use of three recording studios in the Netherlands and Germany. Available for purchase here.