Floor Jansen Discography

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19 Oct

Northward the hard rock project of Floor Jansen and Jorn Viggo Lofstad, release their self titled debut album October 19, 2018! The first single, While Love Died was released August 2018, alongside a video for the track - watch it here. "We are both very proud and happy to finally get to show you all what we have been up to. Here is our first single! We hope you will enjoy it", comments guitarist Jorn Viggo. It was during the 'All Star Jam' at Progpower USA Festival in 2007, when Floor and Pagan's Mind guitarist Jorn Viggo spontaneously joined forces on stage for some cover songs... read more

Metal Allegiance Volume II

07 Sep

It began as a celebration of heavy metal, powered by the almost tribal bond shared between the extreme music community’s most revered trailblazers, armed with a list of contributors onstage (and off) that read like a Wikipedia entry on the genre itself. Now, with their second album, Metal Allegiance achieves the seemingly impossible once again. Beyond any doubt, the all-star “project” has cemented its position as a true band. An adrenaline-soaked, thrash-worshipping, groove-driven, diverse, yet more sharply focused effort than its no-less-impressive predecessor, the mere existence and urgent brilliance of Volume II: Power Drunk Majesty silences any doubt as to the band’s earnest intention, purposeful resolve, and resilient dedication to all... read more

Decades (Best of 1996 - 2016), Nigh...

09 Mar

Tuomas Holopainen’s 3-track demo earned him his first record deal with his freshly founded band Nightwish back in 1996. Today, over 20 years later - with over 2,000 shows played and more than 8 million records sold - Nightwish are the biggest European symphonic metal band. Reason enough for Nuclear Blast to celebrate this huge anniversary by releasing a compilation titled Decades (Best Of 1996 - 2016), on March 9th, 2018. All material is remastered. This Earbook edition includes two cd's and 32-page booklet. Get your copy here: https://www.backstagerockshop.com/collections/nightwishCD1 01. The Greatest Show On Earth 02. Élan 03. My Walden 04. Storytime 05. I Want My Tears Back 06. Amaranth 07. The Poet And The... read more

Feliz Navidad, Tarja

08 Dec

In December 8th, 2017, Tarja released Feliz Navidad: Barbuda Relief And Recovery Charity Version in support of the Caribbean island of Barbuda which was hit by the category 5 hurricane Irma September 2017. The Whole population, of over 1500, needed to flee their homes in order to survive. Tarja, who has recorded the main part of her vocals for her recently released winter album From Spirits and Ghosts (Score for a dark Christmas) on said island, and has a very close relationship to the place and its inhabitants, decided this was the time to help. Together with friends and fellow musicians such as Michael Monroe, Doro, Tony Kakko, Elize Ryd, Marko Saaresto,... read more

Raskasta Joulua

17 Nov

Raskasta Joulua is a band from Finland who have recorded traditional Christmas carols and Christmas hits in Heavy Metal style, therefore the term in Finnish which means "Heavy Christmas". The albums and tours have featured appearances by Floor, along with many notable Finnish metal vocalists as Marco Hietala, Jarkko Ahola, Ari Koivunen, Juha-Pekka Leppaluoto and Tony Kakko. Floor performed on the live shows and joined them on their new album released November 17. For more info https://lnk.to/RaskastaJouluaIVAr read more

The Source, Ayreon

28 Apr

The Source is the ninth studio album from Ayreon, a progressive metal/rock opera project by Dutch musician Arjen Anthony Lucassen, released on April 28, 2017. It is a concept album, as every Ayreon album is, where each character is portrayed by one singer. Unlike it’s predecessor, The Theory of Everything, The Source returns to the science fiction theme and acts as a prequel to 01011001, making it the first album in the storyline’s chronology. The Source tells the origins of 'Forever', an alien race central to the Ayreon storyline. The album is set in four parts, referred to as "Chronicles" in the booklet, where each chronicle... read more

Vehicle of Spirit, Nightwish

16 Dec

After touring for a year and a half throughout every corner of the world and leaving fans of all nationalities breathless, Nightwish immortalized their Endless Forms Most Beautiful tour in their live milestone, Vehicle Of Spirit. The DVD features their shows in Tampere Stadium (July 31, 2015) and Wembley Arena (December 19, 2015), with various songs recorded around the world. It was released December 16, 2016. According to keyboardist and songwriter, Tuomas Holopaininen, “The title Vehicle Of Spirit came from a friend of Troy’s, who after seeing our show a few years ago defined Nightwish as ‘A vehicle of spirit that defies category’. That beautiful... read more

The Storm Within, Evergrey

09 Sep

The Storm Within is the 10th album by Swedish metallers Evergrey to be released celebration of their 20th anniversary on September 9. Evergrey's lyrics have always matched the depth and intensity of their music, and the concept behind The Storm Within is no exception. Frontman/founder, Tom Englund considers the storyline behind the lyrics to be one of the biggest concepts Evergrey has ever tackled, based on something that everyone can relate to; having someone, losing them, and having to pick yourself up and move on. He goes so far as to call it the band's first "love" album, but it's not a subject that should be taken lightly in the... read more

The Last Stand, Sabaton

19 Aug

The Last Stand is the eight studio album by Swedish power metal band Sabaton, released world-wide on August 19, 2016. The first single, “The Lost Battalion” about the nine companies of the United States’ 77th Division during the battle of the Argonne in 1918, can be downloaded here.Floor joined forces with the Sabaton Choir in this brand new chapter of Sabaton history! Order your copy from the Nuclear Blast Shop. read more

Endless Forms Most Beautiful Single...

08 May

Endless Forms Most Beautiful is the second single from Nightwish eighth album Endless Forms Most Beautiful. It was released on May 8, 2015 together with a lyric video. According to bass player Marco Hietala, the song "Endless Forms Most Beautiful" was chosen because the band wanted a heavy song for the second single, "it has a simple structure and a killer chorus". Keyboardist and songwriter Tuomas Holopainen, commented that the song was heavily inspired by Richard Dawkins’ book The Ancestor’s Tale.Order from Nightwish Official Shop. read more

Endless Forms Most Beautiful, Night...

27 Mar

Endless Forms Most Beautiful, the eighth album by Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish, was released on March 2015. It is the first Nightwish album to feature Floor Jansen and Troy Donockley as full-time members. Endless Forms Most Beautiful has a very loose concept around the beauty of life, the beauty of existence, nature, science. Much like the previous album Imaginaerum was a tribute to the power of imagination, Endless Forms Most Beautiful would be an equal tribute to science and the power of reason. With themes around the evolutionary theories of Charles Darwin and Richard Dawkins, the latter part of the album cites passages from their... read more

Élan Single, Nightwish

13 Feb

Élan is the first single from Nightwish eighth album, Endless Forms Most Beautiful released February 13, 2015. The music video for the song features several famous Finnish actors and was inspired by the untold stories of abandoned places around Finland. According to keyboardist and songwriter Tuomas Holopainen, "The underlying theme of the song is nothing less than the meaning of life, which can be something different for all of us. It's important to surrender yourself to the occasional 'free fall' and not to fear the path less travelled by". Order Élan  from the Nightwish Official Shop. read more

The Power of Love, Countermove

18 Dec

The Power of Love is a charity single for the Red Cross recorded in 2014 by Countermove, a foundation created by Dutch musicians to promote music, culture and charity organizations. In conflict areas around the world, sexual violence is used as a weapon, with catastrophic impact on the victim’s physical and mental health. The Red Cross provides shelter, medical care and psychological counselling and commits to providing victims hope for their future. They also provide information to help decrease sexual abuse during war and conflict. Every year 3FM, one of Holland’s biggest radio stations, organises a large scale charity event to help the Red Cross in its work. The... read more

Angels of the Apocalypse, Avalon

19 May

Angels of the Apocalypse is the second full-length album by Timo Tolkki's metal opera project Avalon, released May 2014. It is the second part of the trilogy created by Tolkki, with the previous album The Land of New Hope being the third part of the story. Several heavy metal singers were invited to play the characters of the story of the album, with female vocalist Elize Ryd (Amaranthe) reprising her role and Floor Jansen playing the main character. The rest of the cast includes Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire, Angra), David DeFeis (Virgin Steele), Simone Simons (Epica), Caterina Nix (solo Chilean singer, debut album produced by... read more

No Just, U Meet

02 May

No Just is multi instrumentalist Teemu Koivistoinen's debut solo album, U Meet released in 2014. The album features atmospheric songs with a variety of influences. Translucent tones, moody melodies and hopeful melancholy.Listen to Floor's vocals in "Cognitive Bias" – along with Johanna Kurkela, Emppu Vuorinen, Teho Majamäki, Troy Donocley, Tuomas Holopainen & Sami Oinasmaa who also feature among these beautiful melodies. Available for purchase here. read more

Live in the Heart of Helsinki, Soil...

21 Mar

Live in the Heart of Helsinki is a live show by Swedish melodic death metal band Soilwork recorded March 2014 at Circus Club featuring guest appearances by Floor Jansen and Nathan J. Biggs (Sonic Syndicate). "There could have not been a better time than now, with 10 albums out and a very varied back catalogue to chose from. Our lineup is now 50% original members and 50% fresh blood, which makes it all more interesting. Now is definitely the time to see us. Trust me." -Bjorn 'Speed' Strid, Soilwork vocalist about their first ever live CD/DVD release.Listen to Floor feature on the song "Let This River Flow". Order from... read more

Antagonise, MaYaN

31 Jan

Antagonise is the second album by Dutch symphonic death metal band MaYaN led by Mark Jansen (Epica, After Forever), released January 2014. The album showcases the current condition of our society, in which privacy is further limited and our insinuated "freedom" keeps us under control. "Only if you seek the truth, you'll get the truth". This translated through Mark's sharp view and the band's characteristic style of symphonic progressive death metal for maximum expression, results in the perfect, most powerful, confronting album to date. Listen to Floor's guest vocal parts in this heavy & impressive album! Order from MaYaN Official Shop read more

Showtime, Storytime, Nightwish

29 Nov

Showtime, Storytime is a live recording of Nightwish massive show at Wacken Open Air in August 2013. It is the first Nightwish production to feature Floor on vocals. The DVD includes a two hour documentary titled "Please Learn the Setlist in 48 Hours" describing the 'Imaginearum' tour and Floor's first days with Nightwish.  A double CD, DVD and Blu-ray, along with many great merchandise items are available for sale at Nightwish Official Shop.  read more

Exordium, After Forever

17 Oct

Exordium is an EP released by After Forever in October 2003. It is the first After Forever album to enter the Dutch Top 100 chart, where it remained for two weeks, peaking at #56. The EP includes an Iron Maiden cover, “The Evil That Men Do” and a metal version of Randy Crawford’s ballad, “One Day I’ll Fly Away”. According to an interview with Floor, “The EP was in a way, an introduction to our full length album, Invisible Circles. The subject of the lyrics are already connected to the concept, meaning they are also dealing with modern, social problems.” Exordium was recorded in April/May and... read more

Retrospect, Epica

26 Nov

Retrospect is the third live album by Dutch symphonic metal band, Epica in celebration of their 10th anniversary. The sold-out live show was recorded in Eindhoven, Netherlands on March 23, 2013 with Epica on stage along the 70-piece Extended Hungarian Remenyi Ede Chamber and the Choir of Miskolc National Theatre. The expanded ensemble played mostly Epica songs, including new song "Retrospect", especially written for this show. A live stream named Retrostream was available the day of show. Floor joined Epica on stage for two songs on this spectacular performance! Order the triple CD, DVD or Blu-ray from Epica Official Shop. read more

Decipher, After Forever

02 Mar

Decipher is the second album by After Forever, released in 2001. The album follows in the footsteps of predecessor, Prison of Desire and adds live classical instruments and complete choir backing up Floor’s vocals, which along with guest performances, achieves a greater level of sound texture. Other features are a duet of soprano and tenor voices in "Imperfect Tenses" and the recording of the late Israeli PM Yizhak Rabin voice during the Peace treaty signing ceremony on October 26, 1994 on "Forlorn Hope".  The complex arrangements that mix classical and ethnical influences with death metal produce a unique blend in Decipher, the last After Forever album with... read more

Remagine, After Forever

08 Sep

Remagine is the fourth studio album released by After Forever September 2005. The album title is a combination of the words “reflections” and “imagine”. According to interview with Floor, “These are two themes of the album. It was hard for me to find one word to represent the lyrics because they have several subjects. One part being reflections on situations in the world and my feelings about them, and the other imagine or imagination part, related to dreams. I’m quite the dreamer, I have heavy dreams. They fascinate me because in them you can be and do anything, then upon waking up you are not sure if... read more


06 May

ReVamp is the first album released by Floor's own band, ReVamp in June 2010. ReVamp music is heavier than some might expect, blending bombastic sounds, heavy riffing, complex pounding drums with melancholic strings, synth sounds and a beautiful choir. The album features Floor's raw, melodic and at times operatic vocals, interpreting some of her own experiences in the songs. It is a wall of sound, yet transparent and versatile. The word 'revamp' literally means to renovate, redo or revise. For Floor it represents the new energy this band brings into her singing career – a next step and at the same time, a continuation of her... read more

Victims Of The Modern Age, Star One

04 Mar

Victims of the Modern Age is the second Arjen Lucassen Star One album released in 2010, the follow-up to their debut album, Space Metal. For this album, Arjen reunited the stellar cast of lead vocalists from Space Metal: Russell Allen (Symphony X), Damian Wilson (Headspace, Threshold), Floor Jansen, and Dan Swanö (Nightingale, Second Sky, ex-Edge Of Sanity). Ranging from soaring power vocals to hauntingly melodic passages to brutal growls, the contrasting vocal styles of these magnificent vocalists provide each song with a stunning variety of vocal textures.Arjen describes the album concept “I based the songs on dystopian and post-apocalyptic sci-fi movies that have made an impression on me... read more

Wild Card, ReVamp

23 Aug

Wild Card is ReVamp second album released in August 2013. It became Floor's most aggressive album, with lyrics that share her personal experiences over the last years, resulting in some heavy stories and openhearted ‘screams’ that match the music and showcase her dynamic vocal range! A wild card is an unpredictable and unforeseeable factor. You don’t know what you’re getting, or when... that is this album, 100% ReVamp! With featured guest musicians Mark Jansen (Epica, MaYaN, After Forever), Marcela Bovio & Johan van Stratum (both Stream of Passion), Daniel de Jongh (Texures) and… Devin Townsend! Order from ReVamp Official Shop. read more

Invisible Circles, After Forever

17 Jun

Invisible Circles is the third studio album by After Forever released in 2004. It is a metal opera about the dynamics of quarrelsome families and psychological child abuse, with a storyline that follows the lives of an abused child and her parents, since her conception to adulthood. The album concept was shaped by Floor, taking inspiration from Sander Gommans' job as an art teacher in daily contact with children suffering from social and family problems. With a desire to make people aware of these problems, their stories were incorporated into songs. Sander described the title Invisible Circles as “the paths of life someone can follow.... read more

After Forever

28 Sep

After Forever is the fifth and final studio album released by Dutch symphonic metal band, After Forever in 2007. The band revisits styles showcased on previous work, as stated by guitarist Sander Gommans “This album is a great summation of everything we have done. You can hear the energy of Prison of Desire, the melancholy of Decipher, the progressive approach of Invisible Circles and the more catchy elements of Remagine. You can’t get more After Forever than that.” - referring also to their patented Metal sound incorporating a real orchestra. Prominent guest appearances on the record include Jeff Waters (Annihilator), singer Doro Pesch (ex-Warlock), Amanda Somerville, Rannveig Sif Sigurdardottir, and... read more

Deconstruction, Devin Townsend Proj...

20 Jun

Deconstruction is the thirteenth studio album by Canadian musician Devin Townsend, third in the Devin Townsend Project series released on June 2011. It is a concept album focused on a man obsessed with finding the true nature of reality. In his journey, he goes to Hell and meets the devil who shows him the secrets of the universe, presenting him with a cheeseburger. The man, a vegetarian, cannot eat it and renders his attempts pointless. Despite its chaotic nature and prominently humorous elements, the album maintains a positive message on facing your fears and overcoming them. Listen to Floor on "Pandemic"! Order from Devin Townsend... read more

Live On Earth, Star One

21 Nov

Live on Earth is the first live CD and DVD by Arjen Anthony Lucassen progressive metal project, Star One released in 2003. It features not only songs from their debut album Space Metal, and also songs from Ayreon, another musical project by Arjen. The album was recorded live on 5 October 2002 at Lucky & Co in Rijssen, Netherlands by Andreas Grotenhoff and is the first live album Lucassen had ever recorded, apart from Live in the Real World. Get your signed copy here and other great items in the Arjen Lucassen Official Store. read more

The Universal Migrator, Dream Seque...

24 Nov

Universal Migrator Part 1: The Dream Sequencer — sometimes simply referred as The Dream Sequencer, is a progressive rock album released in 2000 by Dutch multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Arjen Lucassen, and is the fourth album of his Ayreon project. At the time of the original release of the albums comprising the Universal Migrator in 2000, Arjen had enough songs for a double CD, but believed his fan base to be divided into two different camps — prog and metal, with little crossover between the two. So he decided to release two separate CDs, The Dream Sequencer with the progressive tracks and Flight of the Migrator with... read more

Prison of Desire, After Forever

12 May

Prison of Desire is the debut album by Dutch symphonic metal band After Forever, released in 2000. The album contains the first four installments of "The Embrace That Smothers", a collection of songs by guitarist and co-founder Mark Jansen dealing with the influence and distortion of religion in human society. The final track, "Beyond Me", features a guest appearance of Sharon den Adel, lead singer in Within Temptation. Speaking about her early years Floor says, "I started singing in school when I was 14. I joined the school musical and then the school band. My first studio experience was at 15, when we recorded a demo CD.... read more

Quarterpast, MaYaN

20 May

In early 2010 versatile musician Mark Jansen (Epica) started a project with keyboardist Jack Driessen and guitarrist Sander Gommans (all ex-After Forever). Sander wasn't able to continue and guitarrist Frank Schiphorst (Symmetry, Marcel Coenen & Friends, Christmas Metal Symphony) joined. The synergy resulted in an album that combined technical death metal riffing with huge melodic symphonic parts on thunderous drums, topped by Mark's though-provoking lyrics through his brutal in-your-face grunts and screams.Ariën van Weesenbeek (Epica, ex-God Dethroned), Isaac Delahaye (Epica, ex-God Dethroned) and Jeroen Paul Thesseling (Pestilence, Obscura) completed the line-up. As the music asked for more, brainstorming on clean vocal parts resulted in collaborations with guests Floor Jansen, Simone Simons... read more

Space Metal, Star One

05 Apr

Space Metal is the debut album by Arjen Lucassen progressive metal project, Star One released in 2002. While Ayreon is known for combining many different musical styles on one album, Star One highlights the heavy side of Arjen’s music, and the songs — while progressive — are still more straightforward and guitar-oriented.Space Metal takes the listener on a journey through Arjen’s mind and memory in which they can relive the great science fiction space films that made such an impact on him. As Arjen puts it: “I based the songs on films that take place entirely in space. It’s really hard to write a song based on a... read more

The Dominion Gate, Nightmare

02 Mar

The Dominion Gate is the seventh album released by French melodic power metal band, Nightmare in 2005. Nightmare was originally formed in 1979 and after a hiatus, was reactivated in 1999 with a new lineup. The Dominion Gate, their American debut, is full of choir-backed choruses, muscular power metal riffing, tough but melodic lead vocals, and epic tales. Listen to Floor’s voice featured on "A Taste of Armageddon" and "The Dominion Gate". Available for purchase here. read more

01011001, Ayreon

07 Feb

With his Ayreon project, legendary multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and vocalist Arjen Anthony Lucassen single-handedly revived the rock opera genre in the 1990s. Since then, Ayreon has achieved worldwide critical acclaim and success with albums charting in various countries. The seventh Ayreon output, 01011001 released in 2008, finds Lucassen both exploring new musical frontiers and revisiting his roots. 01011001 depicts the story of ‘Forever’, a race of aquatic beings living on Planet Y, that through technological advancement has found the secret of longevity. They have advanced to the point that they have become completely dependent on machines and are losing their emotions. A passing comet on a collision course with... read more