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Last 2 USA shows with Nightwish and coming home

27 Oct

Dear reader, Yesterday…2,5 weeks ago…I left you in Fort Lauderdale, USA. I was sitting in the nightliner with Nightwish and we were about to have our last 2 shows. It feels like yesterday, it feels like an eternity ago. Back home the world looks different. I had time to reflect, to let all the memories that were created in the US in such an intense period pass by again. But back home there was also work waiting for me. It kind off piled up because I left so suddenly. But let me jump back to Fort Lauderdale with you, or actually; the night before the... read more

Fourth blog: Nightwish USA tour

13 Oct

Dear reader, Hello to you from our night liner! We are driving to our show in Fort Lauderdale. If I look outside I see nothing but beautiful green water lands. I tried to spot an alligator…did see some deer and the most amazing birds! Last time I wrote was in Oklahoma City. Days fly by so fast I cannot believe we are about to do the last two shows of this USA tour already! In a weird way the show on Tuesday seems ages ago, and yesterday at the same time. Coming here feels the same. Time is like the Dali clocks, liquid, relentless. But... read more

Third tour: Nightwish tour USA

10 Oct

Dear reader, A big hello from Oklahoma City! Another backstage moment, and actually again, I am writing right before the meet & great we’ll have today! I left you in Anaheim. We had a nice meet & great there. So wonderful to see people really welcome me into the band! We do one every night now and it’s great for me to meet loyal Nightwish fans who are happy to see me and thank me for stepping in. I feel loved!!! Also behind the scenes I meet the most wonderful people! We played Higher Than Hope after I met the mother and sister of the... read more

Second blog: Nightwish tour USA

06 Oct

Dear reader, I am writing to you from our backstage in a venue called 'The Grove' in Anaheim. I will go back to where I left you at the last blog, in San Francisco. In my last words I was hoping to see something of the city. There was no time for this for me though. Fully consumed by all the new things, saving all my energy for the show. My cold was nasty as well so I focused on the show, and the show only! It was a great one!!! The venue was beautiful and gave the magical Nightwish show and extra glance with... read more

First new pic

06 Oct

Dear reader, not a real blog yet, but I did want to share this picture with you. The first one of the group nowadays. I will write a blog soon! Stay tuned :-) Love, Floor read more