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From Machu Picchu to Buenos Aires and back home again

20 Dec

Dear reader, I left you a while ago on my way to Cusco. A city high up in the Peruvian Andes mountains. The altitude is vast there and climbing the stairs to my hotel room already made me running out of breath :-) We had some time off in the city but went to bed early because we would leave the hotel in the middle of the night to get to the train station. Breakfast at 03:15 at night...2 hours in a van and two more in the train. The train ride was beautiful! The track meandered along a wild river, trees and nature all... read more

Latin American tour: From The Netherlands to Peru

05 Dec

Dear reader, The vast distances between the countries here in Latin America make us fly a lot and therefore it's not a coincidence I write the first words while sitting in an airplane. A miniature plane will take us from Lima to Cusco today. No shows the coming 2 days but some very special site-seeing! We have the honor to see Machu Picchu!  Time becomes liquid when you travel a lot. It's been a little over a week ago I left home to go to the airport. From Amsterdam to London where I met with all the guys to fly to Mexico City together. 15... read more

TV, clothes and tour preparations!

23 Nov

Dear reader, in my previous blog you can see some pictures of the new stage clothes that are a being made by Ingeborg Steenhorst. I went to see her this week and I can tell you; it will be great! She's so creative!!!  Crazy pic haha, can't see too much of what's to come but I can promise you it's amazing. I am super happy!!! A part of it will be finished in time for the Latin American tour so you will see how it looks on stage soon! A Dutch tv show called 'Tiende van Tijl' called me last minute to sing in their... read more

New outfits!

19 Nov

Dear reader, As you might know I will perform many shows with Nightwish the coming time! A tour in Latin America is coming up very soon now and the tour to Australia and New Zealand comes soon after I come home from Argentina! After this more shows and festivals will follow and I would love to wear some new outfits!!! I went to Ingeborg Steenhorst again. She designed and made my outfits for the last After Forever album. She has a lot of experience with metal chicks and performers in general. My ideas where made into something super cool and some very nice types of... read more

From the UK to Finland and back home in The Netherlands

13 Nov

Dear reader, At the moment I write these words to you I am sitting on the couch, at home with my homemade super black coffee. I want reflect on the last week. So much happened! Let us go back one week and a day ago. Early wake up, train to airport (with detour), flight to Manchester. Arrival at the venue at 14:00 or so. It felt great to see the band and crew again. Still new but also so familiar. We picked up were we left in the US, both personal as musically. I also met the engines behind the British fanclub ‘The Islanders’. We... read more