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In Japan with Nightwish

02 Jun

Dear reader,I promised you a new blog in my previous post. Instead of a written one I made a video report of my trip to Japan with Nightwish. I hope you'll enjoy it!Now that I have a moment of your time....have you checked out ReVamp's campaign yet? ReVamp will release a new record in August/September this year and wants to tour the world! We need YOUR help to get us on the road. I hope I can ask for a few more minutes of your time and what you miss to sponsor us in our quest to play in your city! Please go to:http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1792610756/revamp-tour-2013-2014A big... read more

Campaign to get ReVamp on the road

31 May

Dear reader,again, this is not really a blog but an announcement. And a request! A new blog will follow very soon though, I promise :-) But right now I have a big favor to ask from you! ReVamp started a campaign to raise money to make touring possible...We get requests for live shows from all over the world. Financially this is not always possible and that is why we want to ask you to help us get to you. Pledge what you can miss into this project and you will not only make it possible to see us live, you also get some really cool things... read more

ReVamp signs with Nuclear Blast and announces release dates new album

08 May

In the few years of ReVamp’s young existence the band endured many challenges and unexpected circumstances. Heavy winter storms with long periods of suffocating frost! Followed by sudden summer rains with wild streams of water that’s taking everything with it into unknown territory. A survival of the fittest! ReVamp came out stronger, more mature and with darker and more brutal music that tells the tale of this wild ride!Singer Floor: “Never before in my career I faced a situation like the one we were in with this album. It was a huge challenge because of several reasons. My sickness caused a major break between the first album and tours plus... read more

Vocal recording ReVamp

04 Mar

Dear reader, not on the road this time! At home working on ReVamp's second album.  After the tour with Nightwish in Australia and New Zealand we had nice holiday in Thailand. Revived and tanned like never before in January I returned home. I had to finish some last lyrics and vocal lines on songs, full focus immediately. I was 100% ready for the recordings that started 10 days after I came back home. Joost van de Broek did the recordings. I worked with him for years and I know we make a great team!!! Joost played keyboard and was songwriter in After Forever. He was... read more

Australia, New Zealand, opera and holidays...

20 Jan

Dear reader, It is January 2013. Summer here in Australia, winter back home in The Netherlands. In my home country it has been snowing and that means everything gets deranged immediately. Here in Aussie I go from the shade to air-conditioned places to avoid the sun when it’s getting close to a 40 degrees Celsius. My French bulldog Obi needs to wear a coat because she has no fur on her cute little belly, I wear my summer dresses and put on sun crème on a daily base. I love touring :-) I have never been to Australia nor New Zealand before. I have never... read more