With MaYaN at Progpower USA

19 Sep

Dear reader,

this weekend I joined MaYaN on stage at Progpower USA in Atlanta, Georgia. It was only 5 year ago I was there for the first time to headline of the days back in 2007 with After Forever. It was so nice to be back!

To get to Atlanta its a 19 hour travel from door to door. It was so nice to arrive at the hotel to find a great room, and hot shower and bed large enough for this tall Dutchy :-) On Saturday morning I met with Russell Allen at an all American inn to have some breakfast. We have been friends ever since the Star One tour back in the days and it was nice to catch up and to have someone explain me the menu with some typical American dishes.

After that large amount of food it was great to have some time to relax at the pool! A few hours later we went to the venue for our signing session. I put on one of my most summer loving dresses:

We spend over an hour signing cd's and posters and making pictures. It was really wonderful to meet so many enthusiastic people who obviously didn't forget me! I also signed a lot ReVamp albums :-) I was so proud! I really hope I will be back with ReVamp soon on this great festival!!!

The show was great! The audience really listens and bangs along!!! I like how appreciative they are for the technical stuff we bring. Its a lot to process, with its diversity and massive amount of ingredients. But this audience sucked up every note :-) 

I was happy to announce the song 'Drown the Demon'! I asked if some of the people in venue remembered the show with After Forever and I got a loud roar to confirm they did indeed! Thank you for all that energy, it's so good to me!!!

One hour later and our show was over....just like that. The adrenaline was pumping through my body but we had to stop. Can't wait for ReVamp to start touring and for more MaYaN shows!!! I'm so addicted :-)

After our show some of the guys who also play in Epica left because of an early start of their tour. I stayed to see Symphony X live again. They're so great and played a lot from their older work. A ride throughout history :-)

The next day only 4 Mayan's were left. Henning, Frank, Jack and me. We decided to go for some food together and check out the city. We had a nice walk and got to see some of Atlanta's huge buildings and parks. 

this is me having a blueberry smoothy at a bagel place! NICE!

This is me at one of the parks, a wall of water. Lovely!

 At Piedmont park!

This is the travel party of 4 Mayan's on our way back home. We had  a lot fun together and I will miss them!

No shows with ReVamp nor with MaYaN coming up yet. My focus is on the new album for ReVamp! Finish the songs and start rehearsing them. Can't wait for that!!! I am so ready for the next moves...

Thank you for reading my blog! Please stay tuned for more, I will update you with a video blog soon.

with love,

 Floor -XXX-