Vocal recording ReVamp

04 Mar

Dear reader,

not on the road this time! At home working on ReVamp's second album. 

After the tour with Nightwish in Australia and New Zealand we had nice holiday in Thailand. Revived and tanned like never before in January I returned home. I had to finish some last lyrics and vocal lines on songs, full focus immediately. I was 100% ready for the recordings that started 10 days after I came back home. Joost van de Broek did the recordings. I worked with him for years and I know we make a great team!!! Joost played keyboard and was songwriter in After Forever. He was one of the 2 other songwriters next to me on ReVamp's debut album. For ReVamp's second album he became the producer. He stepped in halfway the songwriting process to coordinate that and he also coordinated all the recordings and did some himself. He recorded my vocals as well, working with 2 was amazingly fast and easy going. I was done faster than planned, we nailed it together!!! :-)

Before an album is done and available a lot of work needs to be done. I won't bore you with the details but I can tell you it keeps me busy nicely. I have plenty of time though so I can do a good job and keep myself healthy and happy at the same time!

I also did a photo session, a real fashion shoot to promote the amazing stage clothes I have from Ingeborg Steenhorst.More picture's of that will come up soon and so is some more preview material from ReVamp's new album and the studio sessions. I will start giving singing lessons soon again. And I will go back on the road with Nightwish in May. Colorful and bright future ahead of me! :-) Please stay tuned!

ps: I added some new pictures to the timeline of this website!

with love,