TV, clothes and tour preparations!

23 Nov

Dear reader,

in my previous blog you can see some pictures of the new stage clothes that are a being made by Ingeborg Steenhorst. I went to see her this week and I can tell you; it will be great! She's so creative!!! 

Crazy pic haha, can't see too much of what's to come but I can promise you it's amazing. I am super happy!!! A part of it will be finished in time for the Latin American tour so you will see how it looks on stage soon!

A Dutch tv show called 'Tiende van Tijl' called me last minute to sing in their show. It's a show about classical music. They invite 'pop singers' to sing a classical piece. And even though I studied classical singing, i am not a opera singer full time. It was great to do again. I did their trailer a few years ago as well and now the show's on tv a lot it's really nice to be invited again. It was on a short notice however so I had no time to prepare a new aria. I did "Oh, mio babbino caro' from Puccini again. I wore a dress you would normally not see me wear! On the 2nd of January 2013 it will be broadcasted! 

This pic was taken during the make-up moment:

Busy with clothes, ReVamp songs, a tv show, my new passport, visa's..etc etc. It was lovely to take 'my girls' out for walk. The sun turned the forest into a colorful piece of paradise! It was so beautiful and peaceful! 

A great video from the show with Nightwish during the movie premiere in Helsinki was made and released this week. A very awesome one :-)

Right now it's time to start preparing myself for the Latin American tour. Flight will depart soon and suitcases need to be packed...I can't wait! I will update you as soon as I can. For now I wish you a great weekend, day, night or moment you are in!

With love,