The Power Of Love

09 Dec

Many Dutch metal heads have joined forces to record a song for a special and very important purpose! Please read, listen, enjoy, give and share as much as you can!

This is the official statement taken from


We have recorded Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “The Power of Love” to help the Red Cross gather funds to bring hope and a future to victims of sexual violence in conflict areas worldwide. We call on you metal fans, music fans, to support us and show what you can do when you get together and join forces to do what’s right.

We are one family. So give all you can and download “The Power of Love”.

Share this website with your friends, spread the word... and if you live in the Netherlands, call 3FM on 0909-1336 from Dec 18th to Dec 24th to request our cover of “The Power of Love” on the radio!!!