My summertime...

03 Sep

It just turned September and the end of the European summer is near. At least here in The Netherlands it is. This week however surprised us by high temperatures and makes me want to head to the beach for one more time! Thinking about my bikini and whether or not I would still be in need of sunscreen makes me take a little distance from the circus called ‘my summertime’ and the crazy life I have been living lately.

In retrospect my summertime started after I got back from Japan with Nightwish. I went on a short holiday in LA and started the summer festivals with my dear Fins straight away. It feels like yesterday! Many countries I’ve got to visit during my extraordinary weekends, many parties I’ve attended, many Finish summer habits I got to learn during my stays there. And during the weekdays when I wasn’t traveling I was working on the promotion of ReVamp and all preparations that come with a new release and starting to tour again. I want my JuneJulyAugust back J it went SO fast! In a blink of an eye I went from the airport in Tokyo to the beach preparations today and there is so much to tell I don’t know where to start. Thanks to social media you might have had an idea of all the stuff I’ve been up to J And now the festivals are played, that mega show at Wacken Open Air is done and the DVD is being made, ReVamp’s second album ‘Wild Card’ is released and our first try-out show a wrap.

What I need is a holiday now….to take an even bigger step away to reflect. To look back and live it again, to enjoy it again, to calm down and to reload for the rest of the exiting things that are yet to come! And in a while I will because if there is one thing I learned is that you can run for quite a while but you can’t do this forever and you need some time to catch your breath! The love for music and this work has always made me want to work hard and long but the love for myself taught me I balance my energy well.

I feel privileged beyond words I got to do the things I did and still do and cherish this.

During one of the many interviews I’ve been given for ReVamp a journalist asked me how my average day looks like. I laughed and replied I don’t have them, realizing it on the spot. I have show days; travel days, ReVamp promo days, e-mail days, workout days, and social time days. Days I do everything in one day, days I don’t do anything at all (a few…yes J). In an attempt to describe to you my last month I can’t do much better than this. There is no way I can get the whole story back in chronological order without missing half of it. But to give you an idea of how it felt and how I feel today after all this…I can try! Again, look at my Facebook page or on the time line on this website.

I am super happy about reactions on the new ReVamp album, they’re so positive! Proud of my band members too who’ve done such an amazing job on the songs, the recording, everything! Rehearsing was a lot of fun and the first show went really good, especially if you consider how long its been since our last shows and the complexity of the new songs!!! I can’t wait for more J

So for now I will focus on my beach preparations in order to get full energy for the upcoming shows with ReVamp starting this very weekend!!!

With love and respect,