MFVF with ReVamp and Tarja

22 Oct

Dear reader,

this weekend I went to the Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium. I lost count how often I have been on this festival but it's great to meet fans from all over the world there every time who are SO dedicated to this music! And this weekend again it was a blast! 

My day started by making the drive to the festival, no nightliners or flights, just my own car for a change. Nice :-) I came a bit earlier so I would have some time with Tarja to go through the song together. Our busy schedules didn't allow us to meet beforehand but we both know the song and in 2 plays we knew we would do well together :-) It was so nice to meet her little daughter too and to have a little bit of time to catch up. 

I had many interviews; questions about the new ReVamp album and our upcoming tours and plans for 2014 but of course also the news about Nightwish was a big topic. I met so many people who congratulated me with this, very heartwarming! We also did a signing session with ReVamp plus a photosession. And after all this it was already showtime!!!

The stage is deep and big and is great to run around. The distance between drummer Matthias, keymaster Ruben and the audience was very large but I think they were able to hear the audience anyway because they were so loud and supportive :-) Great how our new album Wild Card is received! I can notice the music is complex and that people sometimes need some time to figure what it is we play but with full support all the time nevertheless. 

After an hour or ReVamp I had some time to sit and breath before joining Tarja. Change of outfits was nice to do of course. Ingeborg Steenhorst, who designed and made my outfits was there at the festival too with her stand. I was wearing her creations with pride! :-) The duet was the very last song of Tarja's show, and by that the very last of the entire festival. It felt like a grand finale! It was great fun on stage! There was such a happy vibe in that hall, the audience, the band, us singers, all in one happy emotion. The good one of making music together. No soaps, no discussions about who's better, prettier and all the bullshit (we singers get sooooo tired of that)....only music and happiness. A clear signal! :-)

After all this I was happy to meet Tarja's band and to have a glass of red wine with Tarja and her husband and my Dutch colleagues Sharon and Robert from Within Temptation. The downside of getting to a show with your own car however is that one glass of wine is the limit and than there was 2 hours of nightime driving ahead. I slept like a baby....:-)

I want to thank everyone for a magical day full of music and warmth! I hope to see many of you, artist or music lover, soon again!!!

With love,