Masterclass in Sweden (more to be announced soon!)

04 Aug

Masterclass for singers 

Date: Tuesday 19th of August 2014                                           

Time:  19:00 – 21:30 (time for extra questions after class until 22:00)

Price: 850,00 sek

Where:  Bengans Skivbutik AB Stigbergstorget 1 414 63 Göteborg, Sweden

Minimum age: 16 years old

For who?:

Singers; with or without experience in singing. My goal is to inspire and to make you look into your ‘vocal mirror’ and check yourself where you are and where you want to go to.

What will we do?:

In this masterclass I will tell you a lot about vocal techniques, from the basics to more detailed and advanced information. Our goal: a technical check-up. What do you know and what do you use? This will be different for everyone. We will do exercises together and try out different singing styles and sounds.

And we will look into song interpretation. How can you make a song come alive? Tell the story and convince your listeners about the emotion behind it. I will sing examples but will also ask some singers from the group to sing. Everyone can bring one song with him or her to sing, in case you get chosen to show the group what you can do and what you want to learn. If you prefer not too you can let me know, of course. The amount of singers who can sing individual will depend on the size of group.

This masterclass is there to inspire you to explore your sound, better your technique and to feel the music even more than before. You should pick my brain as much as you can! :-) In 2,5 hours there is a lot you can learn but without studying nothing happens. To remember what it is we did I film the session and offer you the video afterwards for 50,00 sek.

The masterclass will be in English!


For more information or to apply for the masterclass please fill in the form on the contact page.

More dates in The Netherlands and Finland will be announced soon and a possible date in the UK as well!