Last 2 USA shows with Nightwish and coming home

27 Oct

Dear reader,

Yesterday…2,5 weeks ago…I left you in Fort Lauderdale, USA. I was sitting in the nightliner with Nightwish and we were about to have our last 2 shows.

It feels like yesterday, it feels like an eternity ago. Back home the world looks different. I had time to reflect, to let all the memories that were created in the US in such an intense period pass by again. But back home there was also work waiting for me. It kind off piled up because I left so suddenly.

But let me jump back to Fort Lauderdale with you, or actually; the night before the last 2 shows. We stayed in a hotel in Orlando. Lovely Florida climate; seems far away after the first frost here in the Netherlands today. My boyfriend Erik came over to see me, to see the show and meet everybody on tour. I left in such a hurry he could not join me but it was great he came over the last 2 shows! He came to the hotel and we finally had time to talk about all what happened face to face. The next morning the bus left early to make the drive to Fort Lauderdale. We had time to walk around the city and enjoy the sun. In the afternoon we had a super nice meet&greet and soon the first show he could see. The nerves I had the first shows were gone, the lyrics in my head, the music in my system and heart. The crowd was great and the band had a magical touch that made this show a real kick! Tears in my eyes after ‘Ghost Love Score’ and tears again when we came back into the dressing room. How amazing I felt, again words can’t help me. Just believe me when I tell you I was so extremely happy and proud, blessed and honored, loved and humble. I was so glad I could share this with my boyfriend. Words written in this blog fail on me, but also words on the phone trying to tell how things have been. You need to see it and live it to know…

The next day we drove back to Orlando, passing the wetlands again with the alligators and swamps. We arrived at ‘Disney Downtown’ to play the House of Blues there. Surreal to see another band playing when we came in. We were too early apparently. Blues band on stage and people sitting at tables in the venue. Weird! But a good reason to stroll around the ‘town’.

The last show, the last ‘ride’ of the tour…I was sad and happy, proud and still surprised it ended so fast.

The meet&greet was cold due to the airco (shirt, sweater and jacket on….) but heartwarming thanks to the nice people that came in!

The venue was a very beautiful one and the vibe amazing as soon as the crowd came in. We rocked it again with that great magic we created around us. For the last song the charming ladies from Kamelot came on stage and so did their singer Tommi (charming too haha). We sang ‘Last Ride Of The Day’ together and soon the rest of Kamelot joined us and we bowed together as a token of the last show of a very special tour.

A special cigar was lit afterwards, and some good single malt whisky shared. The goodbye was good, especially because we will see each other soon again J

The trip back home was long and Amsterdam welcomed us with grey skies, rain and a freezing wind. Our house was warm though and seeing my dogs again was so wonderful!!! Traveling is great and I missed it very much! And coming home is never better than after you’ve been away for a while. Small things become extra appreciated.

ReVamp was on my agenda first thing in the morning after I slept the first night in my own bed! I worked on some songs and the planning of the second album. News about that will come soon!

For the show with Nightwish on the 10th of November in Helsinki I plan to create a special outfit… I am working on this with a very talented Finnish lady I will see this coming week. Can’t tell you more yet but I will update you as soon as I can…

I bought a nice photo camera. I hope to be able to share some better pics in the future in this blog J It will travel with me! First trip: Helsinki for the clothes….second trip: the UK for 4 shows with Nightwish.

And…Floor t-shirts and girlies plus postcards are made and will be online soon! They are also available at the Nightwish shows!

Nightwish updates their website and Troy and me are on it as guest musicians of the Imaginaerum tour! Very cool! Go to

So enough exiting stuff is coming up! I hope you enjoy reading this blog and that you stay tuned for a next round!

With love,