From the UK to Finland and back home in The Netherlands

13 Nov

Dear reader,

At the moment I write these words to you I am sitting on the couch, at home with my homemade super black coffee. I want reflect on the last week. So much happened!

Let us go back one week and a day ago. Early wake up, train to airport (with detour), flight to Manchester. Arrival at the venue at 14:00 or so. It felt great to see the band and crew again. Still new but also so familiar. We picked up were we left in the US, both personal as musically.

I also met the engines behind the British fanclub ‘The Islanders’. We would have meets with their members daily! I also did a video interview, answering questions the members had send in. You can find this video linked to this blog!

The show was amazing! Beautiful venue, crazy crowd, music that moves everybody in the place! Magic!

The next morning we woke up in London. I happen to LOVE London :-) My dear friend Wieneke came to see me and together we made a fast jump into the city. Went to my favorite shoe shop Irregular Choice! The show again was pure magic; I felt I was at my best. Such an incredible high!!!

Next morning: Birmingham! At this show we got such a sweet presents. A shoe with a bottle of wine in it, somehow my love for both was picked up! We also got a beautiful cake (one for each). So lovely! We get so many beautiful presents at the shows. It’s really nice! Showtime. Magic time again! We blew the roof off that place haha!!!

Off to Glasgow for the last ride of the UK tour. Lovely Scotland, wish I had some time to see more of it. I got advised to go and see many nice islands and mountains. I am a huge fan of the Islay whiskeys!!! But we were there to rock and so we did. Thank you for all that rock ‘n roll that night. Magic once more!

On Thursday I flew home to spend a lovely night there. On Friday morning I left to the airport again to go to Helsinki. I had a meeting with Scarlette Kara for my outfit ( In the evening we had dinner and some drinks and a good night sleep to prepare the big day with the movie premier. I was so nervous and exited!!!

My parents came to see me. So did my sister Irene with her husband. My boyfriend Erik was there as well with his mother and his 89 year old grandmother. That alone is special! And I was so happy they could be there because it is almost impossible to tell you how it was… How I felt walking around that enormous arena. Or during the soundcheck when the Finnish news came to film us and we did a check of the fireworks. My dressing room is actually a room big enough to hold an entire ice hockey team :-) We did a photo shoot, we drank Imaginaerum wine, we got high on adrenaline and then we did that massive show. WOW…. I guess the many films on You Tube show a lot, and the pictures too. Magic to the max.

It was so great to do this show with all effects. The big screens, the fire, the rocking chair with Marko, and the white curtain that fell down so abrupt. The lights, the sound of 10000 people, my new outfit…all-together I am still so impressed.

The movie was part of the reason of us being there and so my family and I were let into a skybox (thank you for that!) and we could see the movie from that high place in that huge arena. I was great to see! Great to feel the music in a film score together with all the images. Amazing to see the band perform in it, really special.

After the movie we rushed to the after-party. I met family and friends of my new Finnish band buddies! Really nice how positive everybody was about the show and me. I felt appreciated and loved and that was something extra special being in Finland with Nightwish amongst their closest in-crowd. 

Nice comments I heard this week:

-You look like Xena the warrior princess in your new outfit

- My favorite song ‘Ghost Love Score’ has a nickname now… Ghost Love Floor Jansen

I made a photo collection of this amazing week. You can find them on my timeline.

Thank you (kiitos, dank je wel) for supporting me and for reading this blog. I hope you enjoyed! In two weeks we will leave to Latin America for a tour there. Check www.nightwish .com for all dates. The coming weeks I will take it easy and relax! I will write you soon again!!!