Campaign to get ReVamp on the road

31 May

Dear reader,
again, this is not really a blog but an announcement. And a request! A new blog will follow very soon though, I promise :-) 
But right now I have a big favor to ask from you! ReVamp started a campaign to raise money to make touring possible...
We get requests for live shows from all over the world. Financially this is not always possible and that is why we want to ask you to help us get to you. Pledge what you can miss into this project and you will not only make it possible to see us live, you also get some really cool things in return. Curious how it works and what we got to offer? Please go to
A big thanks for your time! Please spread this link if you want to help some more. I can't wait to get in that tour bus, airplane or whatever I need to get into to come over and ROCK YOU!!! :-)
With love and respect,