Bright future for ReVamp

28 Oct

Bright future for ReVamp

The news about  Nightwish got a lot of  happy and supportive reactions. Thank you for that! 

But it also raised questions about the future of ReVamp.

The coming month ReVamp will tour Europe and in 2014 we will work on more tours, which we can hopefully announce soon

The summer of 2014 will be an exciting and full one with ReVamp doing festivals and Nightwish rehearsals and recordings. The new Nightwish album will probably come out in 2015 and we will rock the world in 2015 and 2016.

This doesn't mean ReVamp stops existing however! It cannot be a full time band, but a band for sure that can still make albums and play shows. This with its own, typical  super heavy and dark music, that I am so fond and proud of.

So there will be a bright future for ReVamp. I welcome you to celebrate this future at one of our shows! (check out the video about the tour ReVamp will start next week with Kamelot)

Hope to see you soon!!!

With love and in music,