Adrenaline Mob, holiday and online lessons

02 Aug

Dear visitor,

Welcome to this first written blog!

The past few weeks I’ve been doing as little as possible because I had my holiday planned. Being in love with my work however made it impossible to stop entirely…

My first weekend ‘off’ started with joining the brand new American rock band ‘Adrenaline Mob’ at their two shows. I met Russell Allen at Graspop Metal Meeting and he asked if I heard their cover of ‘Come Undone’ from DuranDuran. I was blown away by it and again when he asked me if I would like to join them on stage one day to sing it live with them.

I joined them twice in one weekend, one show in Bochum (Germany) in a venue called Matrix and at Bospop, a festival in Weert (the Netherlands) Photo and film material can be found at MEDIA on this website!

My first week of the holiday was spend at my parents house. They went to France, I went to their beautiful home to look after the place and all their animals. Too bad the Dutch weather forced us to stay indoors… That allowed me however to work on this website because I wanted to launch it fast.

On Friday that week all was done to get it online. A website is never done so I can always put more video’s, photo’s etc on it but at that point I was satisfied. All I wanted to do is record a video message…. Unfortunately my computer broke down somehow, it didn’t start up anymore. Maybe a message from high above to tell me: you’re having a holiday, stop working…J

It forced me to wait anxiously for news about the trouble. My motherboard was ruined and a new computer bought. Video recorded as you can see (the first blog). Site online! YEAH!

At the same time the city I live in turned into one big party place during the 4 days march that is held here in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) every year. 40000 people walk 40 or 50 km per day. We (my boyfriend Erik and I) had 6 people staying at our place who did this march. We ourselves went partying haha! I had a great time despite the ongoing Dutch weather (rain, rain, rain).

The third and last week of my holiday was mostly spend in the sun! Finally the summer started and we sucked up every bit of it. Swimming, bbq’s, reading books, lovely!!! I opened my mail box only a few times to see how much was piling up. I knew my Monday would start with new online lessons and a massive amount of mails and other work. Revived of my holiday I had a good start!

The online lessons are really fun to do! I am in touch with people all over the world. It'ss really special. I added a picture of one of my students who has a signed picture of ReVamp all the way over in Australia. I made a pic of her holding it while we were singing using Skype. Awesome! (see it at media-photo's)

OK, I guess I wrote half a book here. Hope you enjoyed it! More to follow soon!!!